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Whether you're a first-time buyer stepping into the property market, an investor looking into buy-to-let options, or you're simply wanting to plan your mortgage budget, iCalculator™ Mortgages has the perfect set of tools for you.

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Take the first step towards making informed, confident property decisions with iCalculator™ Mortgages. Our calculators are here to simplify the process and provide the clarity you need in your property financing journey.

Mortgage Calculators for Every Need

Our suite of calculators has been carefully designed to cater to a wide variety of mortgage needs, taking the guesswork out of property financing.

First Time Buyer Calculators

Entering the property market for the first time can be daunting. Our First Time Buyer Calculators aim to streamline the process, providing clear, concise information about affordability, mortgage length, interest rates, and more.

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Buy to Let Calculators

For property investors, our Buy to Let Calculators are invaluable. Calculate potential rental yields, understand tax implications, and analyze investment returns with ease.

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Mortgage Budget Calculators

View our Mortgage Budget Calculators

Planning ahead is crucial when it comes to property financing. Our Mortgage Budget Calculators help you understand your spending power, monthly repayments, and the effect of different interest rates on your budget.