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Welcome to the Remortgage area of our Mortgage section which has been carefully compiled to cover the holistic mortgage experience for those remortgaging a property that they currently own. This starts with the mortgage basics and slowly expands into key areas of remortgaging with detailed mortgage tips to provide a solid financial and practical understanding of remortgaging. Our aim is to ensure you are financially well-informed before you commit to a new mortgage deal and save as much of your money as possible.

Key questions you need to ask before taking a mortgage

Remortgage Guides. This image shows information relating to mortagegs and mortgage interest rate calculations using the mortgage calculator

Did you know that in 2013, the average household paid £666 per month in mortgages? In London, this average was £1,031 per month. In 2023 this figure has increased further but the key considerations and questions that homeowners need to ask remain the same:

  1. What is my borrowing capacity?
  2. Which lender is offering me the best mortgage rate?
  3. Which mortgage type is best suited for me?
  4. How will I repay the new mortgage?
  5. What if I cannot repay the mortgage?
  6. Is the lender providing me with an option to make lump sum payments?
  7. Do I have to pay a penalty if I redeem the mortgage earlier?
  8. Am I getting insurance along with this mortgage?
  9. Are there any additional charges?
  10. Are there any hidden clauses?

The Remortgage section guides you through specific mortgage articles and has free online remortgage and budgeting calculators embedded so you can work out everything you need to know as you progress.

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Each mortgage section is specifically tailored to support different people in different situations who are commonly looking to secure a mortgage on a property (whether first time buyer, remortgaging, buy-to-let or simply working out their mortgage and/or household budget). Each mortgage article can be read independently or as part of the mortgage package, just like reading a book. Each mortgage article will have a link to the previous article and the next in the series, there will also be featured links to calculators and supporting information for those looking to remortgage their home.

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