Daily Savings Budget Calculator

The daily savings calculator is designed to help you make your money go further. The aim is to make tiny changes to your daily spending habits so that you can use the money saved to help build up your mortgage deposit or savings towards the costs of moving home.

Alternatively, as we show in our daily budget examples, save money so you can cover the other things in life whilst you save for your mortgage deposit.

Saving can be a challenge, particularly when you have to save a large amount as is often the case with a mortgage deposit. This simple tool helps you to identify opportunities within your daily life style where you can make small changes and allow hose savings to build into something bigger. Simply follow the daily savings steps through to completion to see how much you could save for your mortgage deposit each day.

Daily Savings Budget Calculator
Savings Plan: Control your spending and access your money
£The amount you intend to save
times per
How much did you save?
Amount of savings at the end of the savings plan
Investment Plan: Make your money work for you
% per annum (Interest rate of savings plan)
The length of the investment period of your savings plan.
Amount of money saved at the end of the period if you kept the money in a piggy bank.
Amount of savings at the end of the investment period
Savings versus the Piggy bank
The additional money that your savings have earned by investing them in a saving scheme etc.
Note - this calculation is based on the same amount being constantly saved into the plan over the period

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