Mortgage Comparison Calculator

Use the mortgagage comparison calculator to compare mortgages deals and borrowing oppertunities with different mortgage lenders

Using the Mortgage Comparison Calculator

  1. Select the number of mortgages you would like to compare, you can compare up to 20 different mortgages using the mortgage comparison tool.
  2. Enter the mortgage details you received from a Mortgage Broker, Independent Financial Advisor or from your own mortgage search.
  3. Complete the information in each row. If you are not sure what each column means, see the associated numbers below the calculator.
  4. The Mortgage Comparison Calculator will then provide you a detailed list of the mortgage calculations and show which is the best deal (Highlighted in Green), you can save your results as a pdf or email it to yourself for later use.
  5. Optional: Click on the Cost of Mortgage Amount to see a breakdown of how the total amount payable is calculated. This is particularly useful if you intend to remortgage after the product term (The tie in period) has elapsed.
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Mortgage Comparison Calculator
Mortgage Lender1Mortgage Fee2Intro. Rate3Intro. Term4Standard Rate5Product Term6Mortgage Term7
Mortgage Comparison Results for Mortgage
Mortgage Lender1DescriptionMortgage Term7Initial Monthly Payments8Standard Monthly Payments9Cost of Mortgage10
Mortgage Cost Calculation

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Mortgage Comparison Guide

  1. Mortgage Lender: The name of the company who provides the mortgage
  2. Mortgage Fee: The fee that is charged for setting up the mortgage
  3. Intro. Rate: The introductory interest rate offered with the mortgage
  4. Intro. Term: The term (time, in months) that the introductory offer lasts for
  5. Standard Rate: The standard interest rate applied against the mortgage
  6. Product Term: The term (time, in months) that you are tied into the mortgage product
  7. Mortgage Term: term (time, in months) that the mortgage is taken over, this is typically 25 years
  8. Initial Monthly Payments: The amount that your monthly mortgage repayments will be during the introductory/discount period
  9. Standard Monthly Payments: The amount that your monthly mortgage repayments will be after the introductory/discount period
  10. Cost of Mortgage: The total cost of your mortgage across the mortgage term

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