What is a Mortgage?

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Understanding Mortgages

A mortgage is basically the same as a normal loan and interest is calculated in the same manner. A mortgage is typically repaid over a longer term than a loan an is used to buy property or land. The mortgage is secured against the property or land. In the event that you are unable to meet the mortgage repayments, the lender can repossess the property or land and sell it to over the costs of the mortgage loan. If the sale does not meet the outstanding amount of the mortgage, you may also need to make an additional payment to clear the debt. When a property is worth less than the mortgage amount, the property is considered to be in negative equity.

Most mortgage deals are calculated over a 25 year repayment period though you can take a mortgage which is shorter or longer in certain circumstances, typically this will depend on what deals the mortgage provider offers.

The longer a mortgage repayment period is, the more you will pay in interest so it makes financial sense to repay your mortgage as quickly as your financial situation allows.

Most mortgages will allow you to make a single additional repayment once per year. If you receive an annual bonus or other extraordinary income, it is worth making the payment to reduce your mortgage and associated Mortgage interest payments.

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