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Embarking on the journey of buying your first home is exciting but can also feel overwhelming. At iCalculator™ Mortgages, we aim to make this journey smoother and simpler with our suite of First Time Buyers Mortgage Calculators.

Take Your First Step with iCalculator™ Mortgages

Embrace the adventure of buying your first home with confidence, equipped with the right tools from iCalculator™ Mortgages. Our First Time Buyers Mortgage Calculators are here to provide the clarity and understanding you need in this crucial life journey.

Understanding Your Mortgage: Made Easy

With our range of calculators, get a comprehensive understanding of what your mortgage could look like. From how much you can borrow to what your repayments might be, our tools can provide the insights you need.

Mortgage Affordability Calculator

Not sure how much you can afford? Our Mortgage Affordability Calculator can give you an estimated amount based on your income and outgoings, helping you set realistic expectations for your home search.

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

Understanding your potential monthly repayments is key to budgeting for your new home. With our Mortgage Repayment Calculator, see what your repayments might look like based on different interest rates and repayment periods.

Mortgage Stamp Duty Calculator

Don't forget about the additional costs associated with buying a home. Our Mortgage Stamp Duty Calculator can help you account for this often overlooked expense.