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Calculate how much you can borrow when taking a mortgage based on your annual salary or when applying jointly with your partner.

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About this mortgage calculation

This mortgage calculation analyses the amount you (and your partner) earn each year and provides a benchmark amount that you could expect to borrow from a mortgage lender. The amount you can borrow will depend on your credit rating, credit history and any current outstanding debts.

Note that this mortgage borrowing illustration provides a range of borrowing due to the fluctuations that occur with mortgage lenders and personal financial circumstance. As you review mortgage offers you will find that the amount of money you can borrow will vary from lender to lender and will be directly influenced by your credit history and current credit score.

Read more here about how much you can borrow when taking a mortgage and the financial considerations and checks you should complete to ensure you get the best mortgage deal.

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Note: House purchases in the UK where the property purchase price exceeds £ 125,000.00 are subject to Stamp Duty. Stamp Duty is a tax on the purchase of homes which must be paid within 30 days of the completion date. You can calculate how much Stamp Duty you have to pay here.

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