£ 900,810.00 Mortgage at 25% | Mortgage Minimum Deposit Calculator

The mortgage Deposit Calculator provides a tier of mortgage deposit amounts and specifies where your current deposit savings are in that range. This simple visual tool allows you to see what type of mortgage deals your deposit amount is likely to secure you. If you find this tool useful you will also like our Mortgage Guide to Deposits which examines the different opportunities you can seize to fund your deposit faster.

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Mortgage Deposit Calculation
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This mortgage deposit calculation for £900.81k mortgage assumes you have a deposit of 25% saved for the purchase of your new house. That is a total mortgage deposit of £ 225,202.50. In this mortgage example, we have assumed you have already saved £ 2,500.00, this is simply an example mortgage deposit savings amount that you can change to math your current savings for your mortgage. The mortgage calculator then calculates example deposit amount requirements that allow you access to the best mortgage rates on the market. The aim here is to allow you to budget for your mortgage so you can access the best mortgage rates.

The Mortgage Deposit Calculation table of results shows the range of mortgage deposits as a percentage of the property purchase price. If you enter the total 'Deposit Saved so far' in the mortgage deposit calculator and arrow will appear to show you where you are in terms of mortgage deposit percentage and how much you need to save to reach the next tier. This allows you to see where you are and how much you would need to save to s=reach the next mortgage deposit tier.

Remember: The larger your mortgage deposit is the better your chances or securing a lower mortgage interest rate. Note that Mortgage Lenders wont necessarily use a linear deposit amount for reducing mortgage rates (linear as above, 5, 10, 15, 20 etc.) they may prefer a logarithmic approval (5,10, 20, 40 etc.). Irrespective of the mortgage lenders preference, the above mortgage deposit table allows you to push for that next tier, when achieved you should ask the mortgage lender if they will negotiate, if not, try another mortgage lender. The higher the mortgage deposit, the more power you have. It may not be the British way but you shouldn't be afraid to haggle. Even if you achieve just a 0.01 % reduction it will save you £££'s, you can calculate the difference that a small percentage makes using our Mortgage Comparison Calculator.

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